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City council and MPs demand help for more than people who have been told they cannot stay in Britain. The home secretary, Sajid Javid, is being urged to intervene to stop a housing provider from locking hundred of asylum seekers out of their homes, leaving them destitute. Serco, a private firm which houses thousands of asylum seekers in Glasgow, says it will start evicting more than people who have been told they cannot stay in Britain.

The council is legally prevented from housing failed asylum seekers, while housing charities lack the capacity to help so many people, the letter says. Serco said it was confident its actions were legal and said it had been working closely with the council. Positive Action in Housing, the refugee homelessness charity, said those threatened with eviction include those who had fled conflict in Syria, Eritrea, Afghanistan and Iraq.

The charity said it had been told by several distraught Serco residents they had considered killing themselves. Asylum rights groups, giving evidence to MPs, have previously accused Serco of bullying and intimidating asylum seekers out of their accommodation. Speaking on behalf of members, we would be concerned if even lawful evictions were done in such a way that was inhumane and put vulnerable households on the streets, without support.

Many of the asylum seekers that Serco intends to evict are pursuing legal cases, she said, with many likely have their decisions overturned on appeal. We have been paying for the rent, the rates, the heating and lighting, and insurance on their properties, in many cases for many months all at our own expense. Each of these former asylum seekers have been refused the right to stay in the UK by the government and the Home Office does not fund Serco to provide them with accommodation.

As they no longer have any right to continue to live in the property we provide. We also cover utility costs and provide a cash allowance to cover other essential living needs.

Even if an asylum claim has failed, we will provide accommodation for those who would otherwise be destitute and who are temporarily unable to leave the UK because of a practical or legal obstacle. This article is more than 1 year old. Karen McVeigh. Published on Mon 30 Jul By using this website you consent to our use of cookies. For more information on cookies see our Cookie Statement. Welcome to Serco.

Please review the region selection dropdown just below to get the most relevant content to your region. Serco provides Information System support, administration and service organisation to the European Commission, its executive agencies and pan-European Joint Research Centre.

This includes a staff of about 23, European Commission officials as well as external service providers who provide ancillary services allowing the legislative activities of the European Commission to be executed.


The European Commission is the EU's politically independent executive arm. It is responsible for drawing up proposals for new European legislation, and it implements the decisions of the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union. We provide a fully managed IT support service to the Council of the European Union supporting the workplace environment of all officials and the temporary infrastructure provided during European Summits.

The Council of the European Union defines the general political direction and priorities of the European Union and amends proposed legislation provided by the European Commission. The Council has about 3, officials and leads over 4, official meetings per year, all supported by our teams.

Serco provides administration and support of information systems and ICT configurations for the Single Resolution Board which was created in to provide support to the European Central Bank and European Banking Authorities by establishing rules and procedures for banking resolutions and to promote EU-wide financial and economic stability.

The Single Resolution Board is about officials at this time and likely to grow again in the coming years. Its mission is to ensure the orderly resolution of failing banks, with as little impact as possible on the real economy and public finances of EU countries. Serco provides engineering support and maintenance for experiments, the accelerator LHC and cryogenic installations. Serco has been providing on-site Network Operations Centre support as a managed service since This includes the provision of Technicians and Service Desk staff supporting the physical network of the European Commission in Belgium and Luxembourg covering all buildings occupied by the European Commission in those locations.

Serco supports the dispersed Infrastructure in 12 Regional offices and about 35 other Country or Sub-Country Offices across the world. The main objective of the service is to ensure effective and user-driven service to support the provision of data, both real-time and offline, as well as to provide comprehensive technical information to support all forms of user enquiries relating both to current operational services and to future satellite programmes of EUMETSAT.

Close Search. Close By using this website you consent to our use of cookies.Any good takeaway joint will sell you a burger with the lot. You could buy the standard burger to save a few bucks, just fork out for the bacon or, even worse, add extras at home, but why would you? The same goes for enduro bikes, with many of the Euro outfits giving you the option of having all the trimmings.

They both come from the same kitchen and are made with the same essential ingredients but the Factory comes packed with a few extras to enhance the flavour. Both are delish, both are made with the best ingredients, but is the Factory that little bit tastier? The most important part of any burger is the patty. The same goes for dirtbike suspension. The fastest rider with the most powerful engine in the world is only as good as the suspension propping it all up.

Suspension makes or breaks a bike. When Sherco decided to build a SE Factory edition it was starting with something that was not your average burger.

The SE-R is a very competitive bike, you only need to read our T shootout in the last issue to know that, but most testers agreed more capable suspension would make it the ultimate package — enter KYB. Mounted to the fire-breathing Sherco SE Factory, it balances the whole thing out. The Xplor 48 fork on the Racing model is softer across the full range of travel despite running different valving from the Kato version. You feel it as soon as you hop on or when you start tieing it down in the ute.

The WP suspension feels in its element at slower speeds — think hard enduro terrain. Sherco Australia told me Wade Young ran the WP gear on super-soft settings for most of last season, and he even confirmed in a video talking about his bike — see it HERE. The compliant suspension is what keeps a rider on the straight and narrow at first- and second-gear speeds. Where the WP suspension falls short is when you start clicking taller gears. It also has a tendency to dive under braking because, to achieve a plush feel, the overall set-up had to be softer.

This causes excessive weight transfer onto the front wheel as you set up for a corner which can lead to the front wheel knifing or tucking, instead of just tracking through cleanly. There are plenty of adjustments to be made on the WP fork and shock that go a long way to improving its performance but the KYB is simply better. Well its party trick is that it does both. The Factory edition will crawl through snotty creek beds with the accuracy of a trials bike then flog around a grasstrack like a bat out of hell, giving a motocross bike a run for its money.

What makes the KYB so versatile is how it adapts. The first part of the stroke at slow speed is soft and you notice it most riding over loose rocks.

The handling of the Factory is razor sharp. It feels like you can do no wrong and, when you do, the bike compensates. I either push wide out of the rut or go too slow and tip over. Because I felt confident enough to keep my eyes up and looking further ahead knowing the suspension would handle whatever crossed my path, I could focus on upcoming corners. ADB Tech Ed Mat Boyd explains: These two forks are like chalk and cheese, one is an open-cartridge design and the other is a closed-cartridge.

The open-cartridge Xplor fork legs only have one chamber, where the compression and rebound valving is housed along with the spring. The KYB closed-cartridge fork houses the spring in the outer chamber while the compression and rebound valving is in the cartridge. The internal cartridge is kept under pressure for more accurate damping and to prevent any cavitation at fast fork speeds.

Because the rebound and compression adjusters are in separate legs, the WP offers less in the way of adjustability.

serco 300

The fork has adjustable compression and rebound but it makes little to no difference at low speeds. The fork is also often criticized for diving excessively under braking. The KYB has great adjustability and the clickers are very sensitive to even the most minor adjustments. Servicing is much more complicated on the closed-cartridge fork as the inner chamber needs to be bled of all air and assembled correctly. The WP is much more simple to service.

You only need to fill it with oil and have the air gap set correctly.Picture credits - Sherco. Submit more pictures. Discuss this bike Rate this motorbike This bike's rating Write a review Sell this motorcycle Such bikes for sale Insurance quotes Finance options Tip a friend List related bikes. Pictures, trademarks and logos of third parties are the exclusive property of the respective owners. Technical specifications are subject to change without notice.

This web uses cookies. About Bikez. Advertise products. Contact Bikez. Privacy policy. Motorcycle catalogue and Motorcycle classifieds. More pictures For it is equipped with the new Synerject injection system, which produces a perfect idle, optimum injection time and mixing. The result for the rider : better fuel management, a better throttle response at slow speeds and perfect management of engine braking. It is endowed with many other innovations, the new Trail Tech cycle computer spearheads the range and helps to provide a 4-stroke motorcycle that is ready to face any terrain and compete in any race.

Show full rating and compare with other bikes. Displacement :. Bore x stroke :. Valves per cylinder:. Stainless steel header pipe and muffler with catalytic converter meets Euro 3 stds. Front suspension :. Rear suspension :. WP progressive, multiadjustable rear shock utilizing a linkage and rod system. Aluminum rim, steel spokes and Michelin Enduro Competition tube type.

Wheelbase :. Compare US insurance quotes from the nation's top providers. Compare US motorcycle loan quotes from the nation's top providers.

Ships to most countries. Also check out our overview of motorcycle webshops at Bikez. Dirt-bike parts and gear available from Mega Motor Madness.Built for productivity and easy, convenient operation with single push-button automatic operation. This top-of-the-line conventional pit style leveler is the most automated dock leveler on the market.

Made to do the heavy lifting in demanding environments and ideal for the paper, steel and auto industries. Serco hydraulic dock levelers are the best in the industry. Sincewhen the brand was first established, our hydraulic levelers have stood the test of time.

Split-box beam design adds strength and ability to conform to out-of-level conditions 40K and higher capacity models only. Hydraulic Dock Levelers. HL Series Hydraulic Dock Leveler Built for productivity and easy, convenient operation with single push-button automatic operation.

HFC Series Hydraulic Dock Leveler This top-of-the-line conventional pit style leveler is the most automated dock leveler on the market.

HD Series Hydraulic Dock Leveler Made to do the heavy lifting in demanding environments and ideal for the paper, steel and auto industries. Hydraulic Dock Leveler Resources.

Slashing and Loading

Contact Us.Sherco has made quite an impression since it was formed innot only on the European circuit, but now globally. The Sherco SEF-R will be a favourite amongst racers and trail riders because the bike is just so damn easy to ride. The SEF-R handles like its on rails and the more you twist the throttle, the more you keep smiling. It received a few minor adjustments to the sub-frame for easier access to the diagnostic plug and wiring within the air box area.

A keyless ignition system has been adapted to the model, as well as changes to the front mudguard, but overall the bike is the same weapon from last year.

serco 300

In general the SEF-R is known for being a standout performer in the fast, tight single-trails. Sherco has designed the bike around a chrome molybdenum steel semi-perimeter frame, keeping the centre of gravity low and central. The frame itself and overall feel of the bike is slightly more narrower and compact, which in turn really emphasises how nimble the bike is and its great cornering ability. WP Suspension levels out the ride, giving the bike a great feeling and a predictable, forgiving reaction to rocks and hard hits.

From the standard race setting, flick the switch with your right thumb to the mild setting and you can adjust the power delivery to suit the trail. It will really be of benefit on slippery, wet climbs or muddy grass tracks, helping to manage the lack of traction.

Trials Bikes

If you are already familiar with other European brands then you will know these brakes are more than capable of doing the job right in a consistent fashion. It also utilises a Brembo hydraulic clutch, which always provides the same light and consistent feel. All of the Sherco range boast bulletproof electric starters, which is a real positive considering the improvement in battery life, size and durability these days.

It is really hard to find fault in a bike that is just so fun and forgiving to ride. Track or trail, this bike is going to make your life easier; the bike turns on a dime and its smooth power just keeps on giving. Tweets by MotoOnline. Search for: Search. Newsletter Email Subscribe. Bikes 29 Jan Section: Reviews Post: Alex Gobert.The 2-stroke is the perfect crossover tool. New valve timing provides even more smoothness as the horsepower builds.

This big power is delivered with perfect progression, guaranteeing maximum adhesion, synonymous with efficiency at the foot of the steepest slopes.


The weight of the bike is very light considering the fact that it is equipped with a modern electric starting system; it is no heavier than a kick start system. Deemed excellent by the franchise users, Sherco has further improved the bike this year so that it is even more suited to performing well in the extreme enduro events. The new clutch is even more durable and the gearbox has been strengthened.

Power To Spare The 2-stroke is the perfect crossover tool. Sherco Model Differences. What Makes Sherco the Best?

Highlights for Bold new graphics KYB suspension front and rear Increased chassis flex for less impact transfer to hands Improved handlebar position and gram weight savings 90 gram lighter Neken triple clamps Stronger rear hub on Excel rims Stronger rear fender and increased fastener size More powerful regulator with increases cooling efficiency 10mm larger radiators with new water lines Wiring harness re-routed for improved flexibility and protection New FMF expansion chamber with upgraded routing for less exposure.

serco 300

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