Skyrim ps4 best follower mods

Maybe this is your first go-around. Accessing mods is easy: there should be an option right on the main menu:. Once selected, you will be prompted to sign in to your Bethesda account. From there, you should be able to see the most popular mods, highly rated mods, and more:.

Do note that if you have mods active, your save file will disable achievements and trophies. Some of the most famous, classic Skyrim mods, like the one that replaces Dragons with Thomas the Tank Engine, use all sorts of outside assets. You can see this limitation on display when you compare the mod offerings. PS4, as of this writing, only has 47 mods on day one. Xbox One, by contrast, has With all of that said, what should you download? While you can view mods through the in-game interface, you can also sort through them on the official Bethesda website.

Online, if you are logged in, you can queue up mods to download on your console, which is handy. Features: - Hundreds of gameplay, quest, NPC, object, item, text and placement bugs fixed. Download for Xbox One here.

skyrim ps4 best follower mods

It will rain trains. You have read this correctly, and you have been warned. Download for Xbox One hereand for PS4 here. From the depths of the ether, or just the cutting room floor, comes forth several NPCs, some quests, and other miscellaneous content which was created but never implemented in the game.

If ever you had the feeling that Skyrim was missing something, you were probably right! This mod should relieve a bit of that.The best Skyrim mods can change the game in countless ways. From visual upgrades to new quests, changing combat, companions, travel and much much more. The original game might be nine odd years old but a good Skyrim mod can upgrade the experience immeasurably. There's a world of Skyrim improvements and tweaks ahead of you in our list of the best Skyrim mods below, we've included instructions to set everything up on every platform, listed what each mod works on and obviously linked out to everything you need.

Installing Skyrim mods on console is actually quite easy, but first, you need to make a Bethesda. Next time you boot up Skyrim, load a game and go to the main menu.

Top 10 Best Skyrim PS4 Mods To Make It A Next-Gen RPG

Next thing you need to do is head back over to the Bethesda site. For convenience, you can access the Skyrim mods page here. This is important because some mods interfere with the performance of others, so one might need to be loaded earlier than the rest. Elder Scrolls 6 : release date, trailer, news, and everything else we know. Those of you who have finished Skyrim should head immediately to Falskaar.

Considering it's the size of a DLC and that it landed its creator a job at Bungie, the fact that it's on this list shouldn't be that surprising.

As the harbinger of an ancient prophecy minus any special powersyou have to bring peace back to Falskaar - but nothing is ever as simple as it seems This is the best story mod out there, in my honest opinion. Stuck in an underground town overseen by old automated Dwemer moral police system, you just have to find a way out. Sounds simple, doesn't it? Oh, just you wait The Dwemer don't really get enough time dedicated to them in Skyrim, despite being the most enigmatic race to ever grace Nirn.

Yet this strange mansion you stumble upon is run by two of their contraptions Guess you'd better find out what's gone on!

The best Skyrim mods to download on PC, PS4 and Xbox One

Moonpath to Elsweyr connects Skyrim to the vast deserts of the feline Khajiit. Here, you can bask under azure skies and hunt ferocious raptors in wild tangles of bush and jungle.Skyrim has been out for a long time, and by this time most people have finished the game. To make more out of this immensely popular game, different mods have been created.

How to Apply Skyrim Mods For people who do not know how to apply these mods, you will only need to click on the link of the mod you want and subscribe to it. It will download and apply itself from the Steam workshop. Some mods are not available there, so instead, we are including links to the mods. You should also download the Skyrim Script Extender. This will help in applying more complicated mods.

To fix this and make Skyrim more graphically appealing, you can apply this mod. What this mod does is that it reprograms the game entirely to make lighting effects much better in the game. Light only emits from fires, stars, and other sources of light rather than basic non-luminous objects like benches and rocks.

Download Mod 2. Skyrim — being a relatively old title — lacks some fine details and textures, and although there is an HD patch, this mod goes beyond that as well. This mod offers textures at up to 4K p resolution. It completely changes the visuals in the game. Download Mod. Not all the various Skyrim mods enhance the visuals in the game, the modding community has some amazing mods to spice up your gameplay and adds features which are immensely fun to play with.

The Apocalypse Spells mod adds a lot to your game; spellsto be exact. These spells are designed very well and play well with the history and tone of Skyrim. Download Mod 4. Alternate Start If you have completed the game and want a new beginningyou can try out this mod. The Alternative Start mod offers a lot of different starting points as different characters. The mod is integrated into your game and you can start an alternate new story in the game. You can start as a farmer, a necromancer or many other characters of your choosing.

This provides an interesting spin in the original gameplay, and characters like the shipwrecked guy on an island with nothing but the rags make for an amazing survival styled gameplay. Download Mod 5.

Moonpath to Elsweyr Exploring the same place for a long time can get boring, right?Each ridge is filled with another adventure just waiting to be discovered, and with a vast landscape for you to explore, you can be certain that there are plenty of adventures to be had in Skyrim.

This includes the NPCs you meet across your travels, some of which you can even ask to follow you on your adventures.

skyrim ps4 best follower mods

But, despite a vast number of NPCs, otherwise known as followers, to choose from, sometimes, you just want someone else. Over the years, the community has crafted a number of ways to make an already perfect game like Skyrim even better. The only issue we definitely see that needs to be pointed out with Hoth is that he is very stubborn. But, at higher levels, or if you installed a mod that makes your playthrough more difficult, Hoth will struggle to help in combat let alone survive.

With a backstory that involves being literally from another dimension and being sent into Tamriel to record the adventures of the dragonborn, the Recorder is literally out of this world.

With over recorded voice lines and a fleshed out romance quest line not yet quite into married thoughas well as a quest line already in the works, the morally lackin Recorder is an ideal companion for those who want to have a more interesting time in Skyrim. The girl with the dragon heart, Mirai is an adult-oriented follower mod for Skyrim whose heart is as cold as the ice-focused magic that she is so capable of wielding to defend herself and you, the dragonborn.

Outside of her cute appearance and cold demeanor though, what makes Mirai one of the better companion mods in Skyrim is that she is actually fairly powerful, and not in an OP sort of way. Unlike other companion mods, Arissa was created to be an actual companion for players in Skyrim. Or, at least, not yet anyway.

Speaking of no good, Sofia is all about that life, which is a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how you look at it. But, she does hate Nazeem and Braith, which seems to be pretty universal among players of Skyrim. Regardless of whether you make her your homemaker or not though, Aurlyn is a formidable ally to have in the battlefield and a wise companion to have during your adventures.

Her dynamic dialogue with you throughout the game will stick with you like an inner voice that will tell you if you did the right thing or not. Literally the son of Garmr, the guardian of the underworlds in Norse mythology, Garm is a relatively young pop who chose a form of a husky to explore the lands of Skyrim and all that the land can offer.

If you thought huskies were cool in real life, wait until you see Garm tear draugr up in Skyrim. A follow-up to a companion mod for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion of the same name, the Vilja of Skyrim is actually the great-granddaughter of the same Vilja that appeared in Oblivian as a mod.

Featuring her own questline, you can give orders to Vilja via her unique system where you can bind her spells to your hotkeys to make it easier to launch coordinated attacks.

Also, Vilja tends to converse with pretty much anyone and talk about anything in the game, including some of the other mods we featured in our list. Inigo is also the perfect companion mod because he will follow your every command, which is a lot more than can be said about the other more vanilla companions found in Skyrim.

Adding any one of these companion mods to your Skyrim game is sure to make your playthrough a bit better, even if some of them might not be as good as you would like them to be combat-wise. If nothing else, having a new companion to choose in Skyrim should help keep things interesting. Top 7 Best and Funny Builds Skyrim.

Top 10 Best Skyrim Potions. Top 10 Best Armor Mods in Skyrim.Adult mods are some of the most popular ones available. There are mods which can make your character nude, add skimpy outfits or just change the general appearance of the characters whether it makes them have more curves or softer skin. All the buttons below link back to the Nexus Mods website where these mods can be downloaded on PC.

More lists are coming soon for Xbox One and PS4. The mods below are in no particular order. CBBE is a core mod that is required for a lot of other Skyrim mods to work.

What it does is replaces the default vanilla female body shape to one that is fully customisable through the body slide tool. Upon installation, there are 3 nude options available for the mod as well as 3 underwear options.

The mod allows you to change the body shape of characters to whatever you want. Visit Mod. It changes the mesh and textures, with there also being two variants to choose from: Base and Skinny.

Most of the clothing mods provide support for both mods. There are still a few instances where bugs and clippings might occur, especially with robes but in most cases, the outfits work perfectly.

You are also able to assign outfits and clothes to the residents, including making them nude. The OSex Mod for Skyrim adds new adult animations which are themed around lovemaking and embracing. It works well alongside the Bathing Beauties mod previously listed, as well as some other adult themed mods.

There are supposedly thousands of seamless animations which the player can control. As expected, the Sexy Swimsuits mod for Skyrim adds 34 new Swimsuits and Bikinis to the game that have a push up effect. This mod is made to work with CBBE, which is a body enhancement and replacement mod also listed in this list.

There are 3 different versions, which are Heavy, Light and Cloth.

skyrim ps4 best follower mods

The Sotteta Necromancer is another outfit for the female character in Skyrim that is quite revealing, making it a good match for this list. The Lingerie Set adds 4 new sets of Lingerie into the Skyrim game world. Thanks for reading at PwrDown!

If you have any questions or enquiries, please head on over to the contact page and drop us an email. Sign in. Log into your account. Privacy Policy. Sign up. Password recovery.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam.

Store Page. Global Achievements. Trogdor View Profile View Posts. My biggest complaint with Skyrim is that there are so many characters, but none of them have very much depth. We don't learn much about any given character, and our interactions with them are few.

And sadly, the characters who are the most guilty of this lack of depth are the characters you spend the most time with: the followers. Seriously, the housecarls may as well be robots. Dawnguard and Dragonborn brought Serana and Frea and a few others with some location-aware dialogue, but I want more. Further, mods on the nexus are sometimes oddly categorized for example, there's a "Followers" category and a "Companions - Other" category - almost all of which are regular followers So I'll post the few I know of.

Please feel free to add to this list in your replies. Vilja [www. Last edited by Trogdor ; 18 Nov, pm. Showing 1 - 15 of 27 comments. Eternie View Profile View Posts. It seems a reasonably full list That's what I get for copy pasting.

Might want to paragraph the wall of text to make it more friendly, but nice list.

20+ Best Skyrim Mods you should download on Xbox One, PS4

I think Cerwinden must be your favourite! Last edited by Eternie ; 14 Nov, pm. I'm surprised there are all of these errors, I thought I was pretty thorough. According to the mod description, she's modeled after someone's player character and the only thing special about her is that she has a daily schedule It's probably important to note that I haven't played any of these mods yet, so I have nothing but the mod description to go on.

Last edited by Trogdor ; 14 Nov, pm. Sofia is fun for a while, but she eventually becomes really annoying. Tried telling her that it's time to part ways, but she refuses to do it, so I have her stay put in Breezehome.

Only other option would be deleting the mod. Using AFT I have already reached the follower limit once but several of the followers I'm finished with I take them to Luxury Suite get them dancing and dismiss them there so they provide entertainment and can be found easily if wanted. Thanks for this Trogdor. Cat With A MonocleSkyrim is unquestionably one of the best RPG games ever created. It is the fifth installment in The Elder Scroll series that was released in the year It usually differs depending on the portal you download it from for PC.

For instance, if you download a Skyrim mod from Nexus mods, you need to follow their official guide to install the Skyrim mods manually. The craziest mods are obviously the most interesting ones. Yes, they do! Well, this mod replaces the usual dragons with Thomas a character from that series. The characters inside the game have no clue about it as well!

You can even convert the dragon soul into Thomas the train. Have fun with it! Tired of summoning horses?

Top 10 Best Skyrim Adult, Nude & Sex Mods

You can even get this mod installed on the special edition of Skyrim. Also, you can enable multiple ponies to ride with. You would usually end up traveling with them as companions or could even try a race. If you want to make things more brutal and intensifying, you can add a fantastic kill move with this mod. The original game could look dull at some places or the lighting might seem abnormal unrealistic.

To fix this, you can try this mod which fixes the lightings on various locations. Trust me, it is one of the most funniest Skyrim mods ever created.

Essential Follower Mods for Skyrim

You can find this mod listed in the Nexus mods along with the instruction to implement it. Not happy with the train character replacing your dragon? Well, do not worry, you have something more kickass. Inspired by an intercontinental world heavyweight champion, the dragon is replaced by the Macho character which also includes the sound clips for an authentic experience.

One of the most interesting Skyrim mods is the chicken mod. With this mod installed, you can summon chickens that explode upon contact with your weapon hit. So, you can make a strategy to destroy the enemy once and for all by just summoning the chicken force. All it takes is just one hit to kill blast away your enemy. It is one of the most popular Skyrim mods available out there. It changes the way you manage your inventory. Normally, you would have to scroll a finite length to find a particular item from your inventory.

The game provides limited customization options. But, with the Race Menu mod, you get a lot of control to customize your character. You can change things like height, body color, resize the face dimensions, depth, and so on. If you want to create a unique character to represent your personality, this is the best mod. So, in order to enhance the sound experience, you can use the Audio Overhaul mod to improve the sound effects and turn it into an immersive experience.

It fixes the combat sound system, weapon impacts, surrounding interactive sounds, magic, movement, revert system, and a whole bunch of other improvements.

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