W124 e60 amg

You can always recognize an AMG Japan car by the crazy amount of wood that was added to the car and the AMG Japan plate that riveted in somewhere on the car. Technically, yes. Luckily, I ran across one of those Affalterbach built cars for sale and what a car it is. This car started life as your standard W TE until it was sent to AMG not once, but twice, to make it what it is today. This wagon has a M 6. The best part about this car? This is quickly shaping up to being my favorite car of the year.

Unique vehicle! In absolute great condition, except for a defect. He has a rust point on the side part in the back right, at the transition to the bumper. If interested, just let me know.

Only serious questions will be answered! Equipment: 7-seater, auxiliary heating, air conditioning, rear heater, level control rear axle, Recaro sports seats, leather interior, 4-piston Brembo brake system from Rreinforced rear differential, AMG suspension, GKat, AMG Exhaust system, …. Everything registered! History: Vehicle is from first owner and was by AMG with approx. Every service was done, until tkm always at AMG, then in a Mercedes workshop up to tkm All this is provable.

Oh yes, many thanks to the operators of the Exotic Forum that they have published my contact information on their website. This is what a pre-merger AMG is all about. I am a green guy, so the green paint and matching wheels with the green interior is a period correct home run in my eyes. The overmiles really surprises me as you think a car as special as this would be saved for special occasions, but I guess when you have something as cool as this you drive the hell out of it. The M in 6.

Yes, that is a boat load of money for a W estate, but you figure you are buying a 1-of-1 example that still can hang with fast cars today. It has proven its worth as a daily driver if you wanted to go that route, or keep it tucked away for special days. I think the seller will have no problem finding a buyer either in Germany or somewhere abroad. This thing is gorgeous.The Mercedes W series is regarded as one of the finest models to have come out of Stuttgart in the 20th century.

Launched init had the unenviable task of replacing the popular W, which had been revered for its almost indestructible build quality. Thankfully, the new E Class did not disappoint. Styled by the legendary Bruno Sacco and featuring innovations that were subsequently adopted by nearly all its competitors, it became the standard and proved immensely popular whether in saloon, coupe, estate, or convertible form. At the very top of the mainstream W family tree was the E saloon, launched in and outfitted with the 5.

It was created in close collaboration with Porsche, who were commissioned to redesign the W chassis to accept the new engine and simultaneously rework the suspension and brakes to ensure that the bhp on offer would not overwhelm the chassis.

Perhaps due to this success, Mercedes also decided to introduce a very special and very limited W to trump even the E: the E60 AMG. Boasting an even higher price, it was a E now E sprinkled with the finest components that the engineers at Affalterbach could shoehorn into the W a hand-built 6.

This particular example is one such car, and its late chassis number is believed to make it the last E60 that Mercedes-Benz produced. Sold new to Japan and exported to Switzerland init features all the aforementioned AMG upgrades, as well as the desirable colour scheme of Sapphire Black with a two-tone Black and Grey leather interior, and is equipped with a sliding sunroof.

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w124 e60 amg

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Mercedes-Benz E60 AMG W124 - 381bhp monster driven

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Mercedes W124 E60 AMG - таких машин уже не делают..

Photography by Andrey Smazhilo. As the information about automobiles became more widespread, I found out how special that car really was. Developed in part and hand-built for Mercedes-Benz by Porsche in Stuttgart, it could go from a standstill to 60mph in 5.

The E would go on to top out at mph only because of the redline limit and the 4-speed automatic gearbox. In the E name was changed to E according to Mercedes-Benz marketing policy at the time, and things became more interesting with the introduction of the very special, and very limited, E60 AMG, the end-all be-all of production W sedans.

The number is nebulous for the same reason so many pre-merger AMGs are tough to differentiate between. The famous Mercedes-Benz tuner—still a separate company back then—would fit those cars with their 6. The true factory cars have it coded in their VIN though, so it all comes out in the end unless someone gets really shady. The car is a needle in a haystack, you could say, but they are still out there.

Why not? The trip was really short in total, just several days, but we had lots of fun, wine, and memories to last us after it was over. On our way back, retracing our route, we arrived to Vladikavkaz well before our evening flight, so I decided to try to find a car to shoot.

Call it a coincidence, a miracle, whatever, but it happened the moment I decided to explore the completely unknown city in the middle of Caucasus mountains on my own. Only five M5s left the factory in this color, and three of them, to my knowledge, have ended up in Russia. One had been recently acquired and imported from Japan, so I contacted the owner online, and, to my surprise, he agreed to meet, although he said that the M5 was dirty, dusty, and with a dead battery, so if I were interested in any other of his cars, he would pick me up somewhere in the city and show me something else instead.

Probably it was my lucky day though, because less than an hour later Konstantin showed up in a one-of-two Carlsson CM And my other cars too. Besides the stock E34 i with faded paint a car with a great story of its ownthe rest were some of the fastest cars with four doors or otherwise that one could hope to own at the end of the 20th century.

I was stunned. Never content though, he was looking for something else to add to his collection when he came across this gorgeous E60 AMG that had come up for sale at an auction in Japan. Long story short, he got it delivered to Russia. Immediately upon arrival the car went through a full service before it could stretch its legs on the narrow and winding Caucasus roads, but it turned up to be in pretty decent condition to start with and needed nothing more serious than standard due diligence with basic fluids and such.

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end at some point, and I had to catch my flight, so we lowered ourselves back into the Recaro CSE seats and took off. Frightening almost, depending on the width of the road in relation to this stout machine. I knew that our blast to the airport powered by German horses was going to be something like this, but the car passed the mph mark on the speedometer like it was nothing. Only when I noticed that the scenery was moving past faster than normal did I get a sense of our pace.

Nothing else gave it away though—quiet, smooth, assured. Great article!Built to a standard rather than a cost. The W is solid, stable, and substantial in all respects, even down to the way the doors close. The car is finished in Smoke Silver Metallic with a brown fabric top over a beige leather interior, and power is supplied by a 3.

This Mercedes-Benz E Cabriolet was first registered in New York and was first acquired in by the current owner, who then reacquired the car in Power is provided by a 3.

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1995 Mercedes-Benz E60 AMG

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Show More Loading more auctions. Pre-Merger AMG 3. Show More Loading more stories.The E was the maddest W, right? AMG built an Eslayer. They called it the E Words Nathan Chadwick. Photography James Pardon. But chefs are proud people, and Mercedes had their own: AMG. They reckoned they could make an even tastier dish than the E The result was the ultra-rare E It looks stunning — but did AMG's cooking style upset the delicious flavours of the original recipe?

Time to get the posh cutlery out and tuck in.

w124 e60 amg

Moving your eyes from the E60's rapidly advancing speedo needle to the gunsight — sorry, three-pointed star — on its nose, it's hard not to agree. Its R SLsourced 5. Each Type as it was known at Porsche took 18 days to hand-build. It was a truly bespoke car. Pumping out either bhp or bhp, the big AMG motor dropped the time to the mid-four second bracket, unheard-of performance in a four-door saloon. There was a need for the ultimate E-Class to up its game as the 3.

Talk of a V12 E-Class came to nothing as weight and packaging issues made the business case too difficult. AMG reprofiled the camshafts, fitted lightweight pistons and reprogrammed the Bosch fuel-injection system. The trustworthy four-speed automatic got closer gear ratios and a lower final drive for keener acceleration.

The result?This tuned sedan featured the M V8, modified with a longer throw crankshaft, a compression ratio, higher lift intake and exhaust valves and a less restrictive exhaust.

w124 e60 amg

This all added up to horsepower and lb ft of torque, with 60 mph attainable from a standstill in 5. This was more than enough power to scare certain high end sports cars of the day off the line.

Only of these super saloons were ever made and there are even reports that AMG produced a handful of E and E60 estates. Mercedes-Benz E60 Sedan. Amenities: Left seat electrically adjustable with memory, driver seat right electrically adjustable with memory, AMG technology package, automatic dimming rear-view mirror, electric blind for rear window, electric sunroof, adjustable steering column, adjustable front folding armrest, automatic climate control, sound system, locking system with remote control, heated seats.

Very well maintained vehicle, serviced recently with extensive replacement of all oils and filters, as well as new tires and muffler. All calculations based in Germany accounted for.

w124 e60 amg

I was shocked to see how much the seller was asking for this car, even when considering how rare these cars are. Closing in on almostmiles, I thought the asking price was steep, but then I stumbled across a limited edition E60 AMGone of 12 ever made. Never came to N. Some may say Brabus is not as well bred as AMG.

To have the estate version of either would surely be a surprise sleeper. Minor clarification: Brabus offered a 6. For later cars with different engine management there was a 6. And finally a 6. There was never any V8 rated anywhere near hp. However Brabus did make a some V12 engines in 7. I have a genuine w E60 on sale if interested. The car is on mobile. The car has german specs and curently using it in Romania.

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Thank you for your understanding. Harrison January 29, at pm. Eduard April 1, at pm. Search for: Search. Email Us for Details.These upgrades included tweaks to the suspension and a larger, 6. This particular model is the 4-door variant, and is equipped with the 6. The AMG is on impressive condition, has only The big aero monoblock wheels were the perfect match for the body kit components on this car, and the outer lips set things off nicely.

This one shows the perfect stance. This car offered with partial service history and all books and manuals in leather AMG pouch. This car offers an interesting contrast to the E that was built on the same platform. This car is feels faster and more balanced compared to E. The later merge AMG cars came later, and not offer same quality ,noise and feel as a pre merge cars.

1995 Mercedes E60 AMG Is A Souped-Up 500E Worth $170K

The blue-black paint code looks gorgeous and sufficiently menacing over the black leather interior replete with what appear to be Recaro seats taken from the Death Starand is set off very nicely by the color-coded, 3-piece AMG rims. The mileage on this example is an incredibly low 12k miles, which would seem to justify the collector-level price.

Seems somewhat esoteric, but it is a big difference. Years ago, I met a character at the Mercedes dealer in Calabasas looking for an oil filter. For a Hammer, blowing exotics out of the water was like shooting fish in a barrel.

I think the confusion comes because the Hammer 6. The original design was the 3. The M was essentially a tall deck version of M to allow for a much longer stroke without creating too much angular side thrust on the cylinder walls. I had one of those too, and I miss it dearly! Those early 5. They are also unique in that they have a bellhousing bolt pattern that matches up to the 3-speed gearbox.

Their displacement was slightly under 5-liters, and they had the bellhousing pattern that fits the 4-speed gearboxes. There were also 3. They are close enough in architecture to allow the long-throw crank to be adapted, a relatively cost effective course of action used by several tuners. Whew, blast from the past. Wrote that car up about 2. I had chassiswhich I still regret selling.

The SLC 5. Sort of like a w E versus a E. Something seems a little off on that listing, but it could be nothing. I find the mileage to be almost unbelievable at only 14, miles, but she does present cleanly. Why does that matter? Because there is a BIG difference.

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